Friday, June 19, 2009

Brad Vs. The Volcano

We went on a canopy tour on Mombacho, the massive volcano that looms over Granada.  It's responsible for the 365 islands on Lake Nicaragua.  Thanks Mombacho.  

This is the road we took to get there.  It will pulverize your kidney stones.  I know I look like an R-tard with that helmet on, no need to tell me.  

Farewell, solid ground.

This is how high up we were.  The ground is probably another photo down.  No problem.

Hi mom.  I'm your son.

There were monkies there.  

The last tree we repelled down was 307 years old.  

Friday, June 12, 2009

butterflies and tigers

I volunteered in a school that was about 15 min drive down a dirt road outside of the city center. There were three rooms, three teachers, no running water, and no bathroom. We did face painting for all the young children, which became lots of tigers, butterflies and a few pirates. The day ended with a piƱata we brought full of candy! Amazing!
Max(another dutch friend) and me at horse parade

Cotton Candy Man at the Horse Parade

little girl on the island


Thursday, June 11, 2009



Yucca Dippin

There are people in the world whose job is to dip thousands of yuccas in molten paraffin wax for export.  You might buy one of these some day.  
It smelled like flaming crayons.  

I don't know why the font is different, I can't seem to fix it.