Saturday, June 6, 2009

cast free

Thursday we got to go out to the islands with the girls and interview people about the lakes pollution. I managed to hike on the island in a cast, nothing stops me even when it probably should. Today I woke ready for my freedom! Lynn and me headed back to the hospital in Managua. The cab drive was a bit loco but sweet he even managed to wait for us and bring us home safe. That is a lot to ask here! The hospital was once again amazing. I love me doctor! He did scare me some when he cut my cast off with a tool that looked much like what the workers in the field cut yucca with! But when we left he kissed both Lynn and my cheeks. He also said if I come back to visit he will call his single son who is the same age as me ☺ Now Brad and me are getting ready for a night on the town. We are off to hear Ilja play at Imagine. I not only brushed my hair, put on lip-gloss but I am also wearing Brads sock to go under my air cast and for good luck!

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