Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Trees are good.

Ice cream is sought after.

So, look, guys, Amanda really loves Fanta.  It's okay.  

This is the dinner Amanda and I made.  Beans and rice with fresh avocados and fried plantains.  We did well for gringos if I say so myself.  I swear that's not Zatarans.  

Most buildings don't need all their walls here.  3 is good.  This kitchen is half outdoors.  Awesome.

Ella Lynn, soy de Vancouver Canada.  She's a good translator and helps my dumb ass along with my tenuous grasp of spanish.  I am thankful.  

This is Julio.  Without him, we'd be crying in the fetal position every time we left the house.  He's our guardian angel.  El hablo espanol solemente.  Santo Julio.

Food is good.
Drinks are good.  

The horses all look horrible here.  

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