Saturday, May 30, 2009

happy mothers day

Julio's Amazing Lunch! Rico!

Today is mothers day in Nicaragua. They love their mothers and so do we. Love to all you moms out there. Today Brad and Thalia worked hard on mixing the Oputunity International video, Julio worked hard at making the best lunch ever, Lynn did everything in between, and I worked hard at floating in the pool with one leg in and the cast out. Leg hurts more today and I am knocked out tired. Lots of hobbling to my next place to sleep. So happy with our new casa! I might have a new dog :) Well I guess it is time to remove my bathing suit put on pjs and convince Brad he wants to go on an adventure to find us water but more importantly eskimo ice cream bars, yummy! 9 days left with the cast, 9 days till freedom. Maybe less if I can convince the doctor and believe me I am going to try!!

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