Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hola Nicaragua

I am in Nicaragua.  Our house is located here:
Calle Santa Lucia
del Puente de los Dardenales
80 varas al LAgo
Frente ladrialleria
la casa esta aszul y dice "Jardines"

That's the actual address if you want to mail us.  There are no street numbers in Nicaragua, you just describe how to get there from certain other places.  

Amanda and I share a house, most houses in our neighborhood are rowhouses with a single door and an iron gate.  There's no back wall, it's just a gate into the backyard:
This is our backyard.  The shower and toilet are outside in tin and bamboo shanties.  No hot water, who would need it here?  I've showered 3 times in the 24 hours I've been here.  I want to sleep in the shower.  

This is our sink.  
Amanda will post better photos shortly.  It comes as no surprise that the internet here is barely existent, so posting will be difficult, but we are both chomping at the bit to post tales of our adventures.  
It was a long first day.  Going about errands like grocery shopping is an exhausting and culture shocking experience to be sure.  Amanda and I were rescued multiple times by our new companion Julio.  
Tonight we're going to feed him muchas cervezas y ron.  He's going to teach us how to cook as well.  
I'm in a pretty solid state of culture shock right now, and I think I should opt to keep these posts short but frequent.  Look forward to Amanda's posts, she has a better camera and better photographic eye than me!

This place is loco, guys.  I'm in for it.  

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