Sunday, May 24, 2009

Had Sunday morning coffee at our table in our three walled house no new york times but music, lots of music, decided to go on an adventure!, rode a city bus 45 min( sweat so much my dress was soaked), saw a man with two dead chickens hooked to the handle bars of his bike, made it to Masaya, had a lunch in the park with rice, beans, plantains, tortillas, chicken, and smoothies, walked through the old market, bought earrings from the Nicaraguan version of me(young girl with shaved head, sweet!), went to see the carter lake from above(started to get burned out because I was soaking wet in sweat, looking at water not swimming in it, got yelled at by the police for sitting but cold Gatorade cured it all!), bought more soap because my five showers a day, came home to another parade coming down our street with yes you guessed it more fireworks, was asked to be a judge for a photo contest at my favorite hotel, Hotel Con Corazon- best food, cold fanta, internet, drinking my fanta now, swore I would stop drinking because I don’t want my teeth to rot out but it taste so so good!

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